TMJ Therapy
TMJ Therapy

TMJ is an acronym typically used to refer to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome. The TMJ joints are very complex, comprised of muscles, tendons, and bones. This joint connects the jaw bone to the skull, and injury or inflammation in the area is what causes TMJ syndrome.

The syndrome is characterized by, sometimes very intense, pain in the jaw. The amount of pain and severity of TMJ syndrome can vary greatly from person to person. Some people experience mild and occasional pain, while others experience pain so severe that surgery is required to correct the syndrome.

Who is at Risk of TMJ Syndrome?

There are several risk factors for developing TMJ outside of experiencing a traumatic injury in the area.

  • Poor posture in the upper back and neck area can add unnecessary pressure and cause abnormal jaw function.
  • Stress is also a risk factor because it leads to tension in the jaw as well as jaw clenching.
  • Chronic inflammatory diseases such as arthritis is also a risk factor.
  • Some people inherently have a higher risk of developing TMJ syndrome due to low pain tolerance and increased stress responses.

What TMJ Syndrome Therapy is Available?

There are various home remedies available for TMJ syndrome for pain management. However, for many cases of TMJ, a TMJ dentist is necessary. Your TMJ dentist may be able to help manage your pain and TMJ syndrome by giving you dental splints. Botox injections, prescription medications, and physical therapy are also common treatments for TMJ

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