Fluoride Treatments
Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is renowned for its unique ability to strengthen and remineralize your teeth’s enamel. The use of fluoride has been an indispensable advance in dental practice since its introduction. Fluoride is actually a naturally occurring mineral that you can find in a number of foods and even water! Fluoride treatments provide you with fast and immediate results when it comes to the strengthening and remineralization of your tooth enamel.

Why is it Necessary?

Over time, your teeth suffer something referred to as demineralization. This is a result of eating or drinking foods that contain acid and sugar, as well as not maintaining proper oral hygiene. A lack of oral maintenance can cause the enamel in your teeth to be worn away by unhealthy foods and colonies of bacteria quite quickly. Even if you have an amazing oral routine, natural demineralization is hard to avoid.

Because of this, fluoride is very important. Without it, your teeth become brittle and more susceptible to decay through cavities.

What is Involved in a Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride treatments are very quick and simple. They are also relatively inexpensive. It can be done one of three ways. Your dentist can apply fluoride as a gel, foam, or paint it on your teeth as a varnish. Foams and gels are typically applied using a tray. The tray is filled with the fluoride and then held against your teeth for a while. Your teeth will rapidly begin to absorb the fluoride and therefore strengthen.

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